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Tricks to Hang Your New Wall Art

Tricks to Hang Your New Wall Art

Try This Hassle Free Trick to Hang Your New Wall Art 

Your beautiful new piece of custom wall art from Tailor Made Rooms has arrived and now you need to know how to hang it. The task of properly hanging wall decor can feel tricky, but if you follow our unexpectedly simple steps, you’ll find it’s really not hard to do! The following trick will help whether you’ve ordered a large farmhouse sign or custom Christmas canvas. Read until the end to find out why you’ve been hanging wall art the hard way your whole life and how to take a hassle free approach from now on. 

First gather all your supplies in one place. If you ordered a Tailor Made Rooms Canvas that is ready to hang – mounting hardware comes attached. Tailor Made Rooms metal signs come with metal stand-offs for mounting. To hang new wall art or custom framed signs you typically need: 



- Level

-Measuring tape for spacing 

-Stud-finder if hanging a heavy/ large wall decor


  • Small nail for leight-weight wall art

  • Medium nail for medium-weight wall art

  • 2 big nails if hanging large wall signs 

  • Picture hangers for large wall decor pieces. 

Now for the part where you read and say, “That’s genius!” and laugh at all those times in the past you wrestled with getting your framed art and canvas signs on the wall the right way. 

  1. Lay your new piece(s) of wall art on a table or the floor. If you ordered more than one custom wall canvas, move the art around until you find an arrangement you like. 

  2. Next, lay your wall decor on a large piece of craft paper or wrapping paper and trace around each piece. If hanging multiple pieces, use your measuring tape to evenly space each sign. 

  3. Mark the hanging points from the back of the art onto your kraft paper. 

  4. Finally, tape the paper to the wall and use your level to make sure the line you traced is straight.  

  5. Now hammer in the nails or picture hangers right through the paper. 

  6. Finally, remove the paper from the wall gently tearing it away from the nails. 


Viola, easy peasy! Enjoy that new wall decor you just hung and give yourself a pat on the back for doing it the easy way this time. Now that you've mastered your hanging technique, enjoy shopping Tailor Made Rooms and confidently decorate the walls of other spaces throughout your home.

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