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Transport Yourself to a Tropical Vacation

Transport Yourself to a Tropical Vacation

Summer is gone and warm days are a thing of the past.

Backyard bbqs and pool parties are put on hold as seasons change and winter approaches. 

If you are the friend that likes to entertain, this shift in seasons does not mean a shift in social events!  Perhaps as soon as one social event is cleaned up, you are on to planning the next one.

There is something special about spending time with the people you love and enjoy. Chatting, laughing and sharing a drink. 

There is also something that excites us about traveling, especially in the cold winter months. We dream of flying to a warm and exotic destination. We want to put our toes in the sand and splash in the waves. We dream of sitting in a beach bar, sipping a fun umbrella drink and listening to tropical music. 

It’s not always realistic to plan a vacation and to pack up and leave for a week.

What if you could bring the beach to you?  Recreate the feeling of a tropical vacation? With some planning and creativity, you can step into a space that feels like you are on vacation but you actually never left your property.


Create Your Very Own Tiki Bar

One great way to escape the winter blues is to create an in-home tiki bar. There are so many styles and designs to choose from. If you are handy then you can build your own. If you prefer to do more of the style creation and decor, then you can hire someone to build the tiki bar you envision.


Tiki bars range from super simple to elaborate. You can make it anything that you want. This will allow you to party and have fun with friends at your own home. They will step into the space and feel like they are on vacation with you.

Here are a few tips to help you spark your imagination as you start this fun project.


Welcome everyone to your space

Create custom tiki bar signs that welcome your guests into your tropical paradise. This can be fun and colorful and add to the tropical feel. When you customize the sign you are able to really personalize the space. This tiki bar sign would make the perfect addition.

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Add Mysterious Yet Welcoming Ambience 

Lights and lanterns are a great way to add low-wattage light features to the bar. Decorate the tiki bar with christmas lights, string lights or tiki torches. Outdoor string lights come in a variety of colors. There are also some fun wooden tiki lights or pineapple shaped lights. The recommended colors are red, red orange, orange, yellow orange, yellow and yellow green. These are warm colors that will create the perfect tropical vibe in your tiki bar.


Never miss adding tiki torches!  These are one of the most popular decorations that create the tropical island feel. Since you are creating an indoor bar, you can stand the tiki torches in a large planter. It is a fun and authentic display piece but can also be easily moved to the best location for your party. Multiple planters like this would really add a fun atmosphere.

Tiki Bar Lights, Tiki Torches, Tiki Bar Torches, Tiki

Add in the Extra Details

In order to maintain an authentic vibe, here are some extra tiki bar decor items to consider adding into your design.  These small additions will add visual interest to your tiki bar without taking away from the overall appearance.


> hanging wood carvings or tiki carvings

> wood statues or tiki totem

> wood dolls or tiki heads

> paint flowers or vines along front edge of your tiki bar

> palm leaves

> bamboo sticks

> banana leaves for a tablecloth

> buoys and coconuts hung in fishing nets from ceiling

> ropes, pulleys and sails


The right decor goes a long way! Grab a few coconuts, tropical flowers, a cocktail, and a group of friends! You are well on your way to having your very own tiki party.  Transport to a tropical paradise experience right in your own home.




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