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Vintage general merchandise modern farmhouse sign on white canvas. Customize with your family name

The Evolution of Modern Farmhouse Interior Design

The humble farmhouse has been inspiring interior design for centuries. The beautiful modern farmhouse aesthetic we see today was born from a way of life that was necessary, not just nostalgic. From the humble barns and rustic ranches of yesterday came the sleek and stylish farmhouse designs of today. Hop on our hay-wagon, because we're about to explore the evolution of farmhouse-inspired interior design!

Antique farmhouse sign. Reads "Antiques & Collectables" on a white vintage style canvas.

The Humble Beginnings of Life on the Farm

Long before it was a hot trend, farmhouse design was simply a way of life. Born out of necessity in rural Europe, this style was characterized by its use of local materials, practical layouts, and a warm color palette inspired by the earth and sky.

Famous designers like Joanna Gaines have since brought farmhouse design into the limelight, transforming it from practical to posh with their unique modern twists on classic farmhouse style.

The Evolution of Farmhouse Style 

As time trotted on, farmhouse design and country décor began to evolve, incorporating elements of modern design to create a blend that's both rustic and refined. Exposed wooden beams met sleek metal fixtures. Distressed furniture found friends in minimalist decor. Farmhouse design grew up, but it never lost its roots.

Just take a look at these examples!

Vintage farmhouse wall art canvas reads "farm life is the good life" with tractor plowing a field

Vintage general merchandise modern farmhouse sign on white canvas. Customize with your family name

Country chic farmhouse sing. Reads "Bed and Breakfast" with cow, barn, windmill, and farm scenery.

The Future of Farmhouse Décor

So, what's next for our beloved farmhouse design? Well, if current trends are any indication, we're in for a barnstorm of innovation!

We're seeing an emergence of "Green Farmhouse" design, where eco-friendly materials and sustainable practices take center stage. There's also a growing love for blending modern farmhouse with other styles, such as industrial, boho, and even Scandinavian!

The farmhouse aesthetic has come a long way from its humble beginnings. While it continues to evolve, one thing remains the same - its ability to create a cozy, welcoming atmosphere that feels like home. Whether you are inspired by French country wall art or vintage farmhouse wall décor, the possibilities are endless when it comes to elevating your unique farm style.

So, whether you're a die-hard devotee of antique farm décor or a fan of shabby chic farmhouse style décor, there's no denying the timeless charm of farmhouse design. At Tailor Made Rooms we love creating beautiful farmhouse décor for your home in a variety of styles to help make your contemporary farmhouse dreams come to life!

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