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Personalized Home Cinema Lounge Sign with Intricate font and elegant details

The Art of Craftsmanship: How Every Sign by Tailor Made Rooms Exudes Quality

At Tailor Made Rooms, we believe in enhancing your living spaces with the finest quality decor. Our signs are more than just pieces of decoration - they're a testament to our dedication to craftsmanship, durability, and aesthetic appeal. Let's delve into the intricate process behind creating each of our unique signs.

Superior Craftsmanship: Kiln Dried Pine Frames and Seamless Giclee Canvas

Unlike competitors who opt for Styrofoam, we choose the strength and durability of kiln-dried pine frames for our stretch canvases. Kiln drying is a specialized process that removes moisture from the wood, reducing the chance of warping and ensuring longevity.

Our Giclee stretch canvas is seamlessly wrapped around these robust frames. The term 'Giclee' refers to a fine art digital printing process that combines pigment-based inks with high-quality canvas. This results in an incredibly rich and realistic print that adds an artistic touch to any room.

Acrylic and Metal Signs: Sleek, Durable, and Elegant

For those who prefer a modern aesthetic, our acrylic signs are a perfect choice. Using 1/8" acrylic, we craft signs that boast a glossy, high-end finish. Our metal signs, on the other hand, are lightweight but incredibly durable, designed to withstand the elements and maintain their beauty over time.

Both our acrylic and metal signs come with metal stand-offs or back floating mounts, providing a secure and visually appealing way to display your sign.

UV-Resistant Inks: Long-Lasting Beauty

We understand that you want your decor to stand the test of time. That's why we use UV-resistant ink in our printing process. This means that your signs and canvases won't fade over time, maintaining their vibrant colors and sharp details for years to come.

Ready to Hang, Designed to Protect

At Tailor Made Rooms, we want to make the process of beautifying your space as smooth as possible. That's why all our signs come wired and ready to hang, complete with felt pads for wall protection. No trips to the hardware store!

Tailor-Made for You

Whether you love the charm of vintage farmhouse decor or the clean lines of modern farmhouse style, we have the perfect piece for you. Our commitment to quality ensures that every canvas or sign you receive from us is nothing short of exceptional.

At Tailor Made Rooms, it's all about you - your style, your preferences, your satisfaction. We're here to help you create a space that's truly your own, one high-quality sign at a time.

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