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Speakeasy Decor Is a Fun Way to add a Little Adventure to Your Home

Speakeasy Decor Is a Fun Way to add a Little Adventure to Your Home

Speakeasy inspired decor is the perfect way to go back to the history of the 1920s Prohibition era. Your speakeasy inspired room will be one of a kind and make for the ultimate space for entertaining guests. You don't need to be a famous socialite to feel like you've stepped into a speakeasy or nightclub. You can have one in your own home with a few simple changes! Our team here at Tailor Made Rooms has compiled a list of a few fun ideas to help you create a Speakeasy lounge right in your home.

1. Choose a room or part of your home that is enclosed. Basements are a great space for a speakeasy basement remodel. You want the atmosphere to feel separate and hidden just like a speakeasy of the 1920s would be. Creating a password guests have to use to enter your speakeasy is a fun touch!

2. Create your own signature cocktail. Your in-home speakeasy should be known for your own specialty drink. Make sure you give your signature cocktail a unique name.

3. Set the scene with paper lanterns, string lights, and mood lighting. The right lighting can make or break your vintage speakeasy vibe. The room should feel like it is softly glowing, not brightly lit. The lightning you choose should be dimmable. Overhead chandeliers are great for added drama and a luxury feel.

4. Accent the walls with vintage wallpaper and a custom piece of speakeasy wall decor. An oversized speakeasy sign is the perfect way to signal to your guests that they've stepped foot into a secret bar.

5. Invest in a 1920s Style Bar Cart and make it the star of the show. A bar cart is an essential piece of vintage speakeasy decor. We suggest you choose a transparent bar cart for a touch of old Hollywood glamour. Above your bar cart is the perfect place to hang your speakeasy wall art.
6. Make your speakeasy lounge come to life with the perfect playlist. We suggest you choose 1920s classic and Roaring 20's Swing as party hits.

You can easily create the speakeasy inspired room you’ve always wanted and it is a fun way to add a little adventure to your home! The best part about having a speakeasy at home is that there's no last call before you're ready for the night to end! You get to set the hours and set the stage for the experience you want your guests to have. Home decor can be so boring. That's why, at Tailor Made Rooms, we take things to the next level with our fun, immersive and sometimes even a little bit dangerous designs. Just like the speakeasy, where the drinks are strong and the secrets are even stronger. You never know what you may find when you shop our collection of hanging wall art for every theme and occasion. 

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