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Vintage Christmas Decor of a black and white deer with a top hat and ornaments hanging from his antlers with words: Old fashion reindeer sleigh rides.

Rustic Farmhouse Winter Decorating Ideas

It's no secret that we love the farmhouse style decor here at Tailor Made Rooms. If you've read our blog or shopped our wall art collection, then you probably already know this! That being said, if you're not familiar with farmhouse decor, it's all about bringing in elements from nature and using them as accents throughout your home. The key is to keep things simple and let those natural elements shine through. For example:

Layer blankets.

Layering blankets is a great way to add warmth and texture to your rustic farmhouse decor. Blankets can be used as a throw, a bed cover, or even as a tablecloth. The best part? They're inexpensive so you don't have to worry about them getting dirty or stained!

Hang an old quilt on the wall for the perfect piece of farmhouse decor that adds texture and interest to the space.

A quilt is the perfect piece of farmhouse decor that adds texture and interest to your space. Quilts are great for adding color, warmth and personality to any room, especially during the winter months. You can hang an old quilt or blanket on the wall for a beautiful piece of wall art that adds texture to your living space.

You can also use an old quilt as a bedspread in place of a blanket, making sure to cover all corners of the mattress or duvet. This will add another layer of texture to any bedroom by bringing together different patterns from different areas of your home!

Add a few pillows.

Pillows are a great way to add texture, color and more comfort to your farmhouse style home. They can be used as a centerpiece or to add interest to an empty wall. You can choose from many different types of pillows that will fit in well with your rustic farmhouse winter decorating theme.

Here are some ideas for adding pillows:

  • Use several large pillows on either side of the fireplace or on the sofa for extra seating. Add other decorative touches such as standard throw blankets, candles or seasonal decorations next to them so they blend in nicely together.

  • If you have an empty wall in the room, place several smaller accent pillows up against it which will help define this area while still keeping things simple overall (no need for big statement pieces!). This option works especially well if there's enough height between where these items rest against said surface so that no one has trouble seeing others sitting down comfortably throughout their day-to-day activities without any interruption whatsoever!

Bring elements from outdoors inside. Branches and pine cones are great for this purpose!

When decorating for winter, bring elements from outdoors inside. Branches and pine cones are great for this purpose!

  • Place branches on the mantel to create an organic look. This can be done by placing them directly on top of your mantel decor or by placing a piece of burlap under the branches to add some texture. If you have enough greenery, you can use it to cover some or all of your mantel entirely!

  • Add pine cones in small clusters around bookshelves or any other furniture item that would benefit from them (e.g., coffee tables). You could even add a few bunches in interesting places like atop lamps or above windowsills.

  • Use branches as part of an arrangement on top of a fireplace mantel shelf—they will give off a warm glow during cold weather.

Consider using rustic wall signs to add warmth to your decor. Our brushed metal signs are perfect for capturing that vintage farmhouse or rustic style in your home.

When it comes to adding a cozy, rustic touch to your home, hanging farmhouse wall decor is a great way to add warmth and texture. Vintage farmhouse signs can be used as a focal piece for your dining room or entryway, hung over the fireplace, or above the headboard of your master bedroom.

Farmhouse style decor can add coziness and warmth to any home, throughout the year

Farmhouse decor is a timeless style that can add warmth and coziness to any home, throughout the year. It’s easy to create, versatile and affordable.

It might seem like farmhouse decor only belongs on farms, but this isn’t true at all. Many of us live in cities and suburbs where we don’t have access to animals or large plots of land. Even those who do may not want their home decorated with animal skins, buckets or other tools used on a working farm.

Instead, they choose pieces that evoke the feeling of a country kitchen or dining room: distressed wood furniture (such as chairs with rungs missing), ceramic plates with hand-painted designs and rustic decor wall art are just some examples of these decorative items.


We hope you’ve enjoyed this farmhouse winter decorating ideas guide. If there is anything else we can do to help make your home more cozy and inviting, please contact us! We’d love to hear from you.

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