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Personalized Speakeasy Bar & Lounge Sign. Black Canvas with "speakeasy" written in all caps white font and neon teal cursive font for family name and "Bar and lounge"

Make A Bold Statement with Summer Décor Inspiration for 2023

Dear home decor enthusiasts, this blog is dedicated to you! At Tailor Made Rooms, we know our readers are passionate about design and we are sharing the scoop on what's hot in the world of interior design for Summer 2023. Lucky for you, our team of artists stays in the know about what's trending so we can deliver the best interior design and outdoor decor advice and products! Let's take a look at a few of our favorite things so far for Summer 2023 decorating trends.

First up, color. Put on your sunglasses because the interior decor is shining like the sun! This summer, we're seeing a lot of bold, bright hues that are sure to add a pop of personality to any room. Think sunny yellows, vivid pinks, and electric blues. These color palettes are a whole party and we are here for it! If you're feeling daring, consider painting an accent wall in one of these vibrant shades. You can always paint your accent wall a new color in the fall. For a more subtle (and less permanent) approach, incorporate these colors with home decor accessories like throw pillows, curtains, or rugs. Items that can easily be rotated out. Mix, match, and have fun with the vibrant vibes of one of the hottest interior design trends.

Personalized Speakeasy Bar & Lounge Sign. Black Canvas with "speakeasy" written in all caps white font and neon teal cursive font for family name and "Bar and lounge"

Next on our list of summer 2023 decor trends: natural materials. As we become more conscious of our impact on the environment, we're seeing a rise in the use of sustainable materials like bamboo, jute, and rattan. These materials not only look beautiful, but they're also eco-friendly and long-lasting. Try incorporating them into your decor through furniture pieces like chairs, coffee tables, or even lighting fixtures. The best part, natural materials tend to stand the test of time when it comes to interior design. You can make natural elements fit into any interior design theme. From rustic farmhouse decor to coastal aesthetics to Mid-Century Modern to contemporary styles, natural materials work well with any style!

Another trend we're loving this summer is the use of statement pieces. This means incorporating one or two bold items into a room that catches the eye and makes a statement. This could be anything from a funky chandelier to a unique piece of custom wall art. The key is to choose something that speaks to your personal style and adds a touch of personality to your space. Tailor Made Rooms just so happens to lead the industry in creating show-stopping wall decor and custom canvas signs for any room. Our stunning prohibition-inspired Speakeasy collection is the perfect statement piece for a home bar or lounge. Our luxury home cinema signs will steal the show in your home movie theater. The coastal wall decor we've created is the perfect signature piece for your beach house or coastal-themed room. We know you'll find something you will love, we practically invented statement pieces. 

Last but not least, we can't forget about outdoor decor. This summer, we're seeing a lot of those natural materials we talked about being used in outdoor furniture like wicker and teak. We're also seeing those statement pieces making backyards come alive this summer. The easiest statement piece for the great outdoors is a custom metal sign that will make your neighbors stop in their tracks when they see it. Whether you choose a custom metal pool sign or outdoor patio sign, or you choose a personalized stable sign, your exterior home design is sure to shine this summer!

That's a wrap on our quick review of top home decor trends for summer 2023. Whether you're looking to make a big statement or simply add a few new pieces, these ideas are sure to inspire and help elevate the design of any room in your home, and your outdoor decor too!

Have fun, and happy summer! 

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