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Large Personalized Metal Bar & Grill Sign. Gold Lettering on Black Background. Reads "Proudly Serving Whatever You Brought."

How to Host the Best Memorial Day Backyard Barbecue to Celebrate the Start of Summer

Memorial Day is coming, and this means summer is just around the corner! It’s the perfect time to gather your friends and family and throw a fun backyard barbecue. With so many things to prepare and organize, planning a successful party can be quite overwhelming. But summer shouldn't feel stressful and Tailor Made Rooms is here to help you out! In this blog, we’ve compiled some fantastic tips and tricks to help you host the best Memorial Day backyard barbecue. From outdoor decoration ideas to menu planning, we got you covered. So let’s get started!

Large Personalized Metal Bar & Grill Sign. Gold Lettering on Black Background. Reads "Proudly Serving Whatever You Brought."

Plan Your Menu – The centerpiece of any Memorial Day barbecue is the grill. Planning the menu is the first thing you need to consider. You can keep it simple with traditional burgers and hot dogs or get fancy with steak & lobster or even grilled pizza. Don't be afraid to channel your inner creativity and try out new recipes that will make your guests want more. Whatever you decide, write out your list of ingredients and supplies needed. Do you have propane for a gas grill or enough charcoal? Did you replace the grilling tongs your kids broke last year? Don't just think through the food items you need to buy but also the grilling tools you need to make barbecuing easy. Pro Tip: Keep a water bottle close by the grill to prevent uneven cooking when the flames get too high.

Prep Your Backyard – Your backyard is the perfect location for your Memorial Day barbecue, so make sure it’s ready. Clean up your yard, set up tables and chairs for your guests, and stock up on proper lighting to keep your party going past sunset. Spruce up your exterior space with unique outdoor decor. A backyard bar and grill sign or personalized grill master sign is the perfect centerpiece for the occasion. Want to put more emphasis on the bar than the grill? Tailor Made Rooms' selection of brewery bar signs or custom Tiki bar signs are perfect for the occasion as well.

Vibrant Poolside Tiki Bar Sign with Custom Family Name. Black Metal Sign with ornate lettering and pink hibiscus flowers.

Set Up a Drink Station – No barbecue is complete without a proper selection of summer drinks. Create a designated drink station and set up some drink dispensers with refreshing beverages like iced tea, lemonade or cocktails. Need some beverage inspiration? We found some pretty cool patriotic drinks to share with you. Check out this list of Our 20 Favorite Memorial Day Cocktails from The Stars & Stripes cocktail with raspberry brandy and absinthe screams summer while channeling some major speakeasy vibes!

Plan Entertainment for All Ages – A backyard barbecue is never complete without some fun and games. Depending on the size of your yard, you can set up a game of horseshoes or cornhole. You can also set up a volleyball or badminton net for some friendly competition. For the kids, set up a sprinkler or slip and slide to help them cool off on a hot day. And don't forget about music. Create a playlist of patriotic tunes or tunes that scream summer!

Safety First – Please accept our apologies for interrupting the fun party planning to be the safety police but, it's important. Make sure you have plenty of water and non-alcoholic beverages on hand. Keep a first aid kit nearby for injuries (just in case your favorite uncle sends a horseshoe flying a bit too far). Also, fire extinguishers near the grill are never a bad idea. Okay, boring safety section is over!

Have Fun – Most importantly, don't forget to have fun! Memorial Day is all about celebrating with friends and family. Relax, enjoy the beautiful weather, and spend quality time with your loved ones. And don't worry if things don't go exactly as planned - the most important thing is that you're creating memories that will last a lifetime.

Hosting a Memorial Day barbecue doesn’t have to be complicated. With these easy-to-follow tips, you can plan and host the best backyard barbecue ever. Plan your menu, decorate your space, grill like a pro, set up a drink station, and keep your guests entertained. Don’t forget to take lots of fun photos and memories of your Memorial Day celebration. Enjoy every moment with your family and friends, savor your delicious grilling, and celebrate the start of summer!

Happy Memorial Day, everyone!

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