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How to Host an Elegant Holiday Party This Year

How to Host an Elegant Holiday Party This Year


The holidays are a time of joy, reflection, and celebration. It's a great time of year to get together with family and friends, have some fun, and share your love for each other. Whether it's hosting a holiday party at home or setting up a space out on the town for colleagues or friends, we are sharing some inspiration for how to host an elegant Christmas party. Keep these simple tips in mind to ensure you create a space that is visually appealing. Your guests are sure to have a festive time and look forward to coming back next year.
Here are some ideas on how you can create an elegant Christmas party using simple Christmas decor, signature cocktails, and themed wall art:

Prepare Your Cocktail Menu: Your cocktails should match the theme of your party as well—if there's one thing we know about classy people, it's that they love cocktails! If you've chosen not to serve alcohol (or if people will be driving), go with non-alcoholic choices like eggnog or hot chocolate instead. We love these Christmas cocktail ideas from Home Musings 
Use Tasteful Christmas Decorations: The first step in creating an elegant Christmas party is choosing decorations that fit the tone of your event. Candles and garlands can help set the atmosphere for any kind of holiday gathering and add a nice aesthetic touch. When you stick with simple yet tasteful Christmas decor it creates an upscale atmosphere set apart from traditional holiday parties that tend to look more gaudy. 

Tie in Themed Wall Art:  Well placed wall art like an oversized Christmas canvas or holiday sign can tie the whole room together. Whether your style gravitates toward modern farmhouse decor, coastal design, vintage decor , or country living inspired, we have the perfect piece of themed wall art to accent any room during the holidays. Explore our Christmas collection here at Tailor Made Rooms to find something personal yet tasteful and be ready for your holiday party guests to ask "Where did you get that?" all evening long.

Set the Table with Fancy Christmas Dishes and Plates
The first step in setting the table for an elegant Christmas dinner is to select Christmas plates and dishes. These can be found at most department stores, specialty shops, and online retailers. If you have access to a local pottery store or artisans who make their own ceramics, see if they have any festive designs that would work with your theme and decorating scheme.Once you've picked out what you want to use for your dining room table setting (which may include table runners as well as dishes), lay out the items so they can be seen easily when it comes time to set the table.
The next step is to set out silverware and napkins. If you're going with a formal Christmas table setting, place the utensils in order from outside in: salad fork on the left, dinner fork on the right, then knife on top of the plate. Steer clear of casual flatware if your goal is to create an elegant dining experience. If you are using a caterer, make sure you ask if they can provide tableware for a small extra fee. Most catering companies have fancy tableware they will provide for an additional fee (which saves you time)!


Christmas is the perfect time to host a party with all of your friends, family and colleagues.We are confident you will host an elegant Christmas party that'll have everyone talking about it for years to come. Keep in mind, Tailor Made Rooms can personalize any of our canvas decor wall signs and we would be honored to create a holiday showstopper for your home! 

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