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Halloween Witch Hat Wall Decor with phrase "something wicked is brewing". White Canvas with black text.

How to Hang Halloween Decorations Without Damaging Your Walls

Halloween is a time of year when homes transform into haunted houses, pumpkins perch on every porch, and spooky wall decor adds a touch of frightful fun. But as thrilling as it is to deck out your home for Halloween, wall damage from poorly hung Halloween decorations can be scary. In this blog post, Tailor Made Rooms will teach you safe and easy methods for hanging creepy decor and Halloween wall art.

The Importance of Halloween Decor

Halloween Witch Hat Wall Decor with phrase "something wicked is brewing". White Canvas with black text.

Halloween decor plays a crucial role in setting the right October mood. Whether you're aiming for a subtly spooky atmosphere or a full-blown haunted house vibe, the right Halloween decorations can bring your vision to life. Scary wall decor, in particular, can make a significant impact, transforming plain walls into captivating scenes of fright and delight.

Safe Ways to Hang Halloween Decor

Here are some wall friendly ways to mount your Halloween wall hangings:

Adhesive Hooks: These are perfect for lightweight items like Halloween canvas art. Simply peel off the backing, press the hook onto the wall, and voila! Be sure to choose a product rated for the weight of your decor.
Removable Picture Hanging Strips: These are ideal for hanging things like lightweight skeleton decorations or Halloween wall lights. They lock together to secure your decor and can be removed cleanly without leaving residue or damage.
Tension Rods: If you're hanging bewitching Halloween decor across a window or doorway, tension rods are an excellent non-damaging option. They're easy to install and remove, and they don't require any drilling or hardware.
Magnetic Paint: This is a more permanent solution but allows you to hang decor with magnets, eliminating the need for nails or adhesive. This is a great option for those DIY skeleton masks you plan to make with the kids or paper Halloween skeletons.

Haunted Halloween Wall Art. Says Welcome to the haunted home of your family name. Green and purple spooky fond on black canvas.

Did you know?

All of the Halloween canvas prints and spooky metal wall art from our Halloween collection at Tailor Made Rooms comes with all the mounting hardware you need. When you order a new Halloween sign from our shop, you never have to worry about purchasing separate mounting material. 

Creative Decor Ideas

Now that you know how to safely hang your Halloween decorations, here are some creative ideas to inspire your decor:

Haunted Gallery Wall: Use picture hanging strips to create a gallery wall of spooky art prints and haunted wall decor.
Window Wonders: Use tension rods to hang creepy curtains or ghoulish decals in your windows.
Doorway Drama: Drape faux spiderwebs or hang paper bat decorations from a tension rod in your doorways.

Decorating for Halloween doesn't have to be a horror show for your walls. With these tips, you can create a spooktacular space without the fear of damage. Remember, the key is to be mindful of the surfaces you're working with and to choose the right hanging method for your decor. Here at Tailor Made Rooms, we wish you a happy and damage-free Halloween decorating experience!

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