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Give Your Home Brewery Or Bar a Personal Touch with Custom Wall Art

Your Home Bar Should Be A Place Of Relaxation, Good Times, And Style

Whether you're hosting friends for game night or just unwinding after a long day, your home bar should be a place of relaxation, good times, and lots of laughter. But what if it could also be stylish? Whether you want to create a classic speakeasy-style bar, a tropical tiki hut, or something modern and sleek, we have just the sign for you. With custom bar signs and brewery wall art, you can make it look as great as the cool label on your favorite IPA (or whisky bottle!). Today Tailor Made Rooms is serving up some ideas on how to use custom wall art and home bar decor to add style to your home bar, basement brewery, or speakeasy.

Personalized Bar Signs - Brewery Bar Sign with man holding a black distressed sign with the words BREWERY on it and his personalized name.

Tailor Made Rooms' Brewery Bar Signs Can Be Personalized With Your Name

One of the best ways to decorate your home bar is by creating an accent wall with a custom bar sign or personalized brewery art as the focal point of the room. Tailor Made Rooms' brewery bar signs can be personalized with your name. How cool is that?! Bar Signs, Speakeasy Sign, Distillery Sign, with black distressed canvas with big thin words that say Distillery in all caps.Our DISTILLERY whiskey wall art or custom speakeasy decor are other options to really capture the spirit of the space if your vision goes beyond beer. We are proud of our intricate designs that will draw your guests into your home bar and make them feel like they've stepped into a trendy brewery or cocktail lounge, not your basement.

Our Advice on Furniture & Accessories For Your Home Bar

When selecting furniture for your home bar, comfort is the key to keep in mind. After all, no one wants to stand around awkwardly at a party—especially when cocktails are involved! Opt for seating that encourages conversation and mingling. Think oversized comfy couches and armchairs rather than individual chairs that keep everyone separated from each other. This is your home and you want it to be inviting rather than feel like a church potluck. And don’t forget about accessories like throw pillows, rugs, and art prints to bring color into the space. 

 For added ambiance, install dimmable lighting fixtures and add in candles or string lights if desired. Consider floating shelves or cabinets to store glasses, bottles and cocktail tools. We suggest incorporating some greenery into your home bar decor; plants will brighten up any room while also adding a layer of texture.

Bonus Tip: Splurge On Bar Tools & Equipment

Your home bar won’t be complete without all the necessary equipment needed to make delicious drinks. Invest in quality pieces that will last for years—you can never go wrong with stainless steel shakers or glassware sets. A jigger or measuring cup is also essential for precise measurements when making cocktails. If you’re feeling extra fancy, you could even get an ice maker so guests can enjoy chilled beverages whenever they come over!   

Give Your Guests An Experience To Remember

No matter what kind of atmosphere you're trying to create in your home bar, personalized wall art is always a great way to make it stand out from the crowd. From custom brewery and bar signs, to inviting furniture pieces, to sophisticated bar tools— these home bar decorations and accessories will give your guests an experience to remember. Cheers to the great custom bar signs and speakeasy decor, and cheers to the fun you'll have in your stylish drinking space!

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