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Give Your Modern Barn a Makeover With These Three Steps

Give Your Modern Barn a Makeover With These Three Steps

Three Key Steps For Giving Your Modern Barn a Stylish Makeover

Have you been thinking about giving your boring barn a modern makeover? We have some simple ideas to elevate your barn's curb appeal and make the neighbors notice as they drive by! Painting,  accents, and custom metal barn signs are all great ways to spruce up the exterior of your barn. In this article Tailor Made Rooms breaks down three key steps for giving your barn a stylish makeover. 

 #1 Choose the Right Color for a Fresh Paint Job 

A fresh paint job is the perfect way to give your barn a facelift. Consider choosing colors that will complement the natural scenery around your property. If you want to add an eye-catching pop of color, consider bright yellow or red. White or gray are popular choices as well if you’re going for a more modern barn exterior look. When selecting a color, also be sure to keep in mind the materials of your barn and what type of paint will work best with them. A piece of free advice, consult a professional painter about what brands will withstand the test of time. Especially if you are in an area with hot summer sun or harsh winters.


#2 Give Your Barn Personalized Character with a Large Custom Barn Sign 

Another great way to upgrade your barn is by adding personalized character with a new large custom barn sign. Tailor Made Rooms leads the industry in large outdoor metal barn signs that can be personalized with your family name. If you have a barn on your property, you likely have a family legacy to commemorate. What better way to honor your family's heritage with a large custom metal exterior barn sign? It's going to look so great hanging above your barn doors over that fresh paint you picked out!

#3 Add Simple Accents to the Exterior 

Finally, adding simple accents such as shutters and window boxes can add charm and character to your modern barn exterior. Think about how these accents will look in relation to the overall design of your home so everything flows together nicely. Also think about what materials would work best for these accents; wood works well for shutters but metal may be better for window boxes if you want something that lasts longer without needing too much maintenance. 

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A Barn Makeover Doesn't Have To Be Complicated Or Expensive!

A barn makeover doesn't have to be complicated or expensive! With just three simple steps—choosing the right paint color, personalizing it with a large custom barn sign, and adding simple accents—you can dramatically upgrade your property's curb appeal while still staying within budget! Whether you're looking for an eye-catching pop of color or subtle sophistication, following these three steps will help transform your property into one that stands out from all others!


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