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Find the Finishing Touch for Your Barn

Find the Finishing Touch for Your Barn

Cascading Farms with Beautiful Barns

No matter where you live, you will see prominent barns standing tall. 

If you have ever driven through the hills of Kentucky, you have noticed the beautiful sprawling properties. They have multiple pastures separated by white fences and each homestead has at least one barn jutting out of the landscape.  

The rolling landscape of Pennsylvania has many farms.  Fields, barns, animals and fence rows are a charming sight to see.

As you drive through the countryside you notice that barns have different features that set them apart from each other.

Barns come in all different colors. Red is the most commonly used color.  Often it’s red with white accents. The reason for using red paint is to make the barn visible from a great distance. If the property is large, the farmer wants to draw attention to the structure.

It’s not uncommon to see black barns. This color is used because of cost and ease of application. Black paint requires less coats to complete.

Some have large barn signs hanging on the peak. Some are built as a pole barn. Others are shedrow barns which are commonly used for horses. We even have a barndominium which is increasing in popularity.  They come in all shapes and sizes.

Customize Your Barn

Our team at Tailor Made Rooms wants to help you show off the barn on your property. We do this by creating custom metal barn signs for you to display.

We know how important it is for your personal style to be on display on this alluring building.

Let’s look at the variety of barn signs that have been used throughout the years.

1. Barn signs that look like quilts. These barn quilts are Americana folk art.  These types of signs can have a couple of different meanings. Some are made to dedicate to a specific person and then hung on a family barn. Other types will represent the whole family or a community.  Outdoor barn quilt signs are a reminder of family, community and love. Visit this popular Etsy seller for a beautiful barn folk art.

2. Pennsylvania Dutch barn signs are also known as hex signs. This was another type of folk art being displayed on farms.  It is also said that some believed the barn hex signs provided fertility for livestock, the proper balance of sun and rain, protection and success with crops.  These signs would use a variety of symbols, including birds and flowers.

3.  Outdoor barn signs in the shape of stars reflect the Americana décor style.  The barn star is historic and adorned barns regularly from the 1700s to 1820s.  Some believe that symbolism or superstition is tied to the color of the barn stars.

  1.       White – purity and energy
  2.       Yellow – Health and godliness
  3.       Blue – spirituality and peace
  4.       Red – emotions, passion and creativity
  5.       Green – fertility, growth and successfulness

We will leave it up to you to determine if these colors and meanings are actually symbolism or just superstition. Link to buy a star.

4.  Personalized outdoor barn signs are a great way to reflect your own style. Large barn signs can display the farm name or your family name.  If you have multiple buildings on your property  you can add horse barn signs or create a custom metal sign. This is a unique way to create a personalized look. 

Family Name Barn Sign, Metal Barn Sign, Image shows black and white barn with black family name sign on the barn.

For more barn sign ideas, check out our custom outdoor barn signs here There are multiple signs available in both a modern or vintage style.

Contact us to personalize a sign and create the look you want displayed on your property.


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