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Custom Highland Cattle Canvas Sign with highland cow silhouette on rustic looking canvas. Personalize with family name.

Farmhouse vs. Modern Farmhouse Decor: A Tale of Two Styles

Today we are going to take a deep dive into the delightful dichotomy between farmhouse style decor and the modern farmhouse aesthetic. Grab a cup of hot apple cider, snuggle up in your favorite throw, and let's embark on an interior design journey that'll make your heart flutter faster than a barn door on a windy day!

Once Upon a Time in the Countryside: Traditional Farmhouse Style

Born out of necessity and steeped in history, the traditional farmhouse style has its roots firmly planted in our pastoral past. It's as American as apple pie, with a dollop of European influence thrown in for good measure!

The farmhouse decor style was crafted by farmers, for farmers, making use of what was on hand to create homes that were both functional and inviting. From Cape Cod to Colonial, from Greek Revival to Southern Plantation, this style is a delicious melting pot of architectural influences.

Picture wide, wooden floorboards worn smooth by generations of foot traffic through the house. Imagine sturdy, handcrafted furniture, weathered to perfection, and walls adorned with vintage farmhouse wall decor passed down over decades. Color palettes lean towards creamy whites, gentle grays, and muted earth tones, reflecting the natural surroundings.

custom farmhouse sign with family name and cow wall art with barn in the background

Examples of farmhouse furnishings include large farmhouse tables, rustic home accents, and antique accents like milk jug vases or vintage botanical prints. It’s all about celebrating the beauty of simplicity and the charm of time-worn objects!

A Twist in the Tale: Modern Farmhouse Style

Fast forward to today, and we're witnessing the evolution of this classic style into something fresh and contemporary - enter the modern farmhouse design!

Modern Farmhouse decor takes the comfort and coziness of traditional farmhouse style and gives it a chic, stylish spin. It's like the countryside got a sleek city makeover!

The color palette remains neutral but often incorporates bold black accents for drama. You’ll find plenty of clean lines, metal accents, and industrial-inspired pieces amidst the rustic elements. Imagine a sleek, minimalist sofa nestled against a shiplap wall, or a custom highland cow sign hanging over a modern coffee table. Here country wall decor meets a contemporary accent rug. Vintage reproduction decor accents modern farmhouse art.

Custom Highland Cattle Canvas Sign with highland cow silhouette on rustic looking canvas. Personalize with family name.

Key furnishings in the modern farmhouse style include statement barn doors, oversized pendant lights, and furniture that blends rustic wood with sleek metal. It's about striking the perfect balance between the old and the new, it's both comfortable and classy!

Conclusion: Your Home, Your Style!

Whether you're head over heels for the historical charm of traditional farmhouse decor, or you're swooning over the sleek sophistication of the modern farmhouse style, remember this: your home should tell your story. So, pick the pieces that speak to you, mix and match styles if you wish, and create a space that feels authentically you. Happy decorating to our farmhouse loving friends!

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