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"No skinny-dipping alone" metal sign with white text overlayed on vibrant blue pool water

Eco-Friendly Décor: Our Commitment to Sustainable Metal Pool and Patio Signs

As a leading industry expert in creating top-quality indoor and outdoor metal wall art, Tailor Made Rooms is committed to more than just aesthetics. While we take pride in crafting uniquely stylish and durable pool and patio signs for your favorite outdoor spaces, our commitment extends beyond design and durability. We are equally passionate about sustainability and ensuring that our products are eco-friendly and sustainable.

Sustainability Meets Style

When shopping for the perfect outdoor wall art, we always suggest metal prints. Our metal signs, perfect for pools and patios, utilize advanced Dibond® technology. This involves a 3mm aluminum composite sheet that is lightweight yet incredibly strong, making it ideal for all types of applications. Not only does this add extra strength and durability, but it also provides a clean modern look that won’t chip or fade regardless of how many times it gets splashed from cannonballs into the pool.

We strictly use abrasion-resistant UV ink in our printing process. Our signature method is not only eco-friendly but also results in vibrant, hard-to-miss signs that look stunning under the warm sunlight of your pool or patio. Your outdoor metal wall art will withstand the weather for many seasons to come!

"No skinny-dipping alone" metal sign with white text overlayed on vibrant blue pool water

Print One. Plant One.

At Tailor Made Rooms, we believe in giving back to the environment. That's why we've adopted the motto "Print One. Plant One" at our state-of-the-art print facility in Canada. For every print we create, we pledge to plant one tree.
In collaboration with Trees for the Future, a recognized 501(c)3 non-profit organization, we help plant trees with rural communities in the developing world. This enables these communities to restore their environment, grow more food, and build a more sustainable future.

Reducing Cost and Waste

Our commitment to sustainability doesn't stop there. At Tailor Made Rooms, all our products are made to order. We carry no stocked items, which reduces cost and excess inventory. This practice not only ensures that every piece is tailored to the customer's needs but also contributes to a more sustainable business model by cutting down on waste.

Enhance Your Outdoor Space with Earth Friendly Art

At Tailor Made Rooms, we're proud to combine style, durability, and sustainability in our products. When you choose our metal pool and patio signs, you're not just enhancing your outdoor space – you're also contributing to a healthier, greener planet. Join us as we continue to make strides in sustainable décor. Choose Tailor Made Rooms for your next pool or patio sign and make a statement that's stylish, durable, and eco-conscious.

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