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Canvas vs. Metal Prints

Canvas vs. Metal Prints

Have you found an image you absolutely love for your home wall decor but don’t know whether to have it printed on metal or canvas? Let us help you make the right decision for your walls with some information on the unique qualities of each material. The following are some ideas to think about and our recommendations for what works best in most home decor situations. Ultimately though, these are just our guidelines and it’s always okay to go with your gut in terms of design and function for your home.  


First, let’s talk about metal…

Is your goal for your space a modern or industrial vibe? Metal prints are most in their element in modern and contemporary interiors. Think about the last trendy coffee shop or restaurant you were in where the atmosphere felt progressively chic. We are willing to bet the wall art and signage was printed on metal. 

A few of our favorite features of metal prints are:
-Versatile for indoor or outdoor use. Metal prints are waterproof and scratch resistant which makes them durable enough to withstand the elements outside or kids who are always bouncing off the walls inside.

-Crips details, bright hues, and color that pops!  

-Variety of mounting options 


At Tailor Made Rooms we use metal prints for interior style preference and outdoor use. Metal prints feature rich colors and deep contrast that makes every detail of our beautiful images standout. We print on 3mm brushed aluminum and smooth white metal with abrasion-resistant UV ink. Our signature method is eco-friendly and results in vibrant, hard-to-miss signs that look stunning on the sidewall of a barn, next to the pool/ patio bar, or indoors!

Next, let’s chat about canvas… 

Is your goal to create a coastal, rustic, modern farmhouse, or nostalgic space? Canvas prints create a warm and inviting atmosphere. The perfect way to make your house feel homey with a touch of sophistication. Canvas is our first choice for modern farmhouse wall decor because the texture gives each image a soft yet artsy look. 


A few of our favorite qualities of canvas are:

- Lightweight and easy to hang

-Textured matte finish is warm and inviting

-Images wrap around edges creating more dimension 

-Most financially friendly printing option!

At Tailor Made Rooms we use museum grade canvas and take pride in making each of our canvas prints look authentic. Our Modern Farmhouse Decor pieces look like they are printed on real wood! Our industrial textures are so realistic you’d have to touch the print to know it’s really canvas. What really makes our prints unique is our wrapped presentation around a 1.5 inch framed edge. It makes each print look three dimensional. Canvas is a lovely complement to interiors when creating a classically styled space.  


To close out the conversation…

The choice between a metal or canvas print comes down to the aesthetic and location you are styling. Always choose a metal sign for outdoor use but lean into the unique features that fit your home best when making a decision between metal and canvas for your interior. The good news from us at Tailor Made Homes is that whatever you decide, the quality is top notch. It’s easy to go big with your vision for the wall art in your space when you know the caliber of our printing process and material is second to none. 

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