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Best Ideas to Extend Farmhouse Design Outside Your Home

Best Ideas to Extend Farmhouse Design Outside Your Home

The Feel of Home

Lots of different thoughts and feelings arise when we talk with friends about home. YOUR home.

Home is a place that you want to walk into and immediately feel at ease. Everyone wants to feel welcome when they walk into a space and this feeling easily transitions to home.

Cozy and comfortable are also common feelings that we crave.

Simple. Beautiful. Timeless. Functional. Warm.

All of these characteristics simply describe the reason so many homes are farmhouse style.

Why Farmhouse Style is so Appealing

There are many attractive points to the farmhouse. It is a welcoming home that reminds you of simpler times. The kitchen has a charming farmhouse sink. The claw foot tub is the focal point of the bathroom.  Shiplap accents displayed throughout the space. Rustic barn decorations hang from the walls and an iron chandelier from the ceiling.

Doors that separate rooms are not traditional but replicate outside barn doors.  Electronics are hidden from view by barn door style cabinets or antique furniture. A stone mantel beautifully adorns the fireplace. The antique armoire in the kitchen holds the dishes.

The decorating for farmhouse style can capture many different elements:

>> Old worn frames

>> Marble countertops

>> Ironwork

>> Off-white cotton fabrics

>> Distressed-painted furniture

>> Reclaimed wood

>> Wooden barn signs

>> Open shelving

>> Vintage accents

>> Bright white paint with dark stained wood

>> Soft colors like cream, light brown and light green

Farmhouse living allows you to implement your style preference but also create an environment of warmth and comfort in your home.

While decorating in farmhouse style can be done in any home, much of the time it is done in a country setting.

The home has a lovely wrap-around porch where you are able to view the attractive property that surrounds you. Many homes also have a barn that stands tall and strong nearby. As a personal touch of ownership there also hangs a custom barn sign presenting the family name.

It’s a perfect touch to tie the farmhouse design inside your home all the way to the barn.  The first point of focus is typically decorating the inside of the home to exactly how you want. It’s easy to be so focused on this that you haven’t spent any mental energy on the outside.

In a few steps you can easily bring your style to the exterior of your home.

6 Steps to Extend Farmhouse Style to the Outside of Your Home

1) Select furniture made of natural materials to add rustic charm.  Use natural wicker furniture, iron and distressed wood to display the sophisticated yet familiar style. Arrange large metal signs for outside on the porch walls to add an artistic aspect. TailorMade Rooms has many Farmhouse signs that fit perfectly.. 

Farmhouse Signs with a horse on distressed faux wood frame, by Tailor Made Rooms2) A farmhouse staple is the woodpile. If you have a fireplace, use an empty space near your front door, or along a taller wall to stack wood between a simple iron



3) Create an entire seating area using a large couch or an outdoor swing. Add a couple of simple rocking chairs. Keep warm blankets nearby or even a fire pit.  This creates an inviting space to settle in for a few hours.

4) Aluminum pots and wooden boxes create beautiful planting spaces. Use antique water buckets, vintage aluminum funnels and pails, ladders and chairs to display flowers and herbs. This creation pictured below is by

5) A simple way to extend the design of the home is to create a Cobblestone walkway to the barn. The cobblestone will create a gorgeous farmhouse style as it connects the buildings.The final touch to extending the design out to the barn is to hang outdoor metal barn signs. This is an easy and unique way to create a customized look that shares your style with everyone. Display the name of your farm or your family name for all to see when they drive by or stop to visit. Custom metal barn signs are very popular and available at Tailor Made Rooms.

    Large Barn Sign on Black distressed faux wood with Family Name, and est. date by Tailor Made Rooms

    With a few steps you can take the farmhouse style you love and extend it out the door of your home. The cozy and welcoming feel will be waiting for you when you arrive home. You can customize all of the details to really portray your style.  The beauty of the space will create a distinct yet simple look that you can enjoy for years to come.

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